Research Goals:

1) Understand how consumers and cultures adapt as digital technology becomes more pervasive.

2) Empower managers and consumers who are struggling to adapt to changing norms. ​


My services research examines how technologies, such as digital point-of-sale platforms, disrupt service norms, such as tipping and gratuity norms.

As a former restaurant waiter, I am fascinated by changing service norms. My research in services aims to improve customer engagement and firm revenue.



My leisure research examines how technology and the ideology of passion have disrupted leisure consumption norms.

As a person who loves spending time in the wilderness, this research aims to help consumers and service providers better negotiate the competing demands of work, society, and leisure. 



My research on social norms examines how customers respond to disrupted political, socioeconomic, and gender norms.

I have always been fascinated by issues of power, class, race, and gender. This led to my first career as a high school social studies teacher. Now, I hope this research can help people live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.


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