The Tricky Etiquette of Digital Tipping:

The Effects of Tip Sequence, Defaults, and Visibility

How should managers integrate digital point-of-sale systems into service scripts? Digital point-of-sale systems have disrupted tipping norms, shifting the relationships between customers, employees, and managers. My dissertation research, which has been selected as a finalist for the Academy of Marketing Science Mary Kay Dissertation Proposal Competition (December, 2020), explores consumers’ behavioral (e.g., tip amounts and Yelp reviews) and psychological (e.g., persuasion knowledge) responses to shifting digital tipping norms.

Tip Sequence

What happens when service providers request a tip before, rather than after, serving customers?

Published in the Journal of Service Research, my research examining tip sequence received wide ranging press coverage, including trending as the most-read article on Reddit.

Default Tip Suggestions

"Who’s in Control? How Default Tip Options Influence Customer’s Emotions and Engagement"

Warren, Hanson, Yuan

Do default tip options affect customer satisfaction and engagement? 


This working paper is in preparation for submission to the Journal of Marketing. The paper is supported by a grants from the Berkman Charitable Foundation and Robins College of Business.

Tip Visibility

"Feeling Watched: How Visibility Impacts Tip Amounts and Customer Engagement"

Warren, Hanson, Yuan

What happens when tip selections are visible to employees and other customers?


Supported by grants from MSI and the Berkman Charitable foundation, this working paper is in preparation for submission to the Journal of the Academy for Marketing Science.

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