Warren & Campbell, 2020

Are men who sleep less considered more masculine than other men?

This paper, which identifies a pervasive sleep-deprived masculinity stereotype, is published in the Journal for the Association of Consumer Researchand received widespread press coverage, including in Forbes and on The Orion Way podcast.


Dual Concern: The Persuasive Power of Criticizing with Care

Howe, Shephard, Campbell, Warren & Mercurio

Are people more likely to support Black Lives Matter if BLM protestors also acknowledge the challenges police face?

This working paper, which is in preparation for submission to Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, seeks to examines why humans so often fail to persuade others and offers a new intervention that increases persuasive appeals to outgroup members. 


The Sociopolitical Underpinnings of Customer Satisfaction

Warren & Warren

Is there a connection between political beliefs and customer satisfaction?

This paper, in the early stages of data collection, seeks to understand how political beliefs influence customer satisfaction in a wide range of domains.

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