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i study tensions between autonomy and conformity in an increasingly digital society

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Associate Professor of Marketing
BI Norwegian Business School


How do consumers respond when norms are disrupted by technological and social changes?

I have expertise in digital tipping, status and gender stereotypes, and extraordinary experiences.

domains of focus

Digital Tipping

How do new tipping technologies affect customers, employees, and firms?

For example, my research finds that asking customers for a tip before (vs. after) service frustrates customers and reduces tip amounts.

Gender and Status

How do social beliefs influence judgements of masculinity and status?

For example, my research on masculinity stereotypes finds that men who sleep more and who post more on social media are evaluated as less masculine than men who sleep less and post less.

Consumer Culture

How do consumers embrace, resist, and creatively adapt to cultural shifts?

For example, my research on consumer dirtwork finds that "dirtbag" consumers are able to use dirt to sustain lives focused entirely on wilderness consumption.

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BBC, NPR, The Atlantic, Forbes, FOX News, Fast Company, USA Today, The Independent, Der Spiegel, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio New Zealand, The Conversation, Reddit (67k+ upvotes), Twitter (6,300+ shares)


Nathan Warren, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing
BI Norwegian Business School

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