How are point-of-sale technologies changing the way that customers tip baristas and delivery drivers? How, when, and why do consumers disconnect from technology? What happens when people disregard obligations to family, friends, and employers because they feel a need to go rock-climbing?

These research questions highlight my two aims when conducting research: 1) I want to understand how consumers and cultures adapt as digital technology becomes more pervasive, and 2) I want to help empower managers and consumers who are struggling to adapt to this change. The questions I examine are inspired by real-world marketing problems (e.g., how to integrate new technology into services) and emergent consumer phenomena (e.g. vacations from technology). 

Before starting my Ph.D., I completed an M.S. in marketing at the University of Oregon, an M.A. in teaching at Salem State University, and a B.A. in economics from Hampshire College.

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